October 13, 2018

5 Steps To Kill Arrogance Of Your Kid

5 Steps To Kill Arrogance Of Your Kid that will help you deal nicely with smart kids.

Parents admit it, even though your baby has grown into a teen or an adult, he/she is still a kid for you. Trust me your thinking is never gonna change even a bit.

Sure the kid doesn’t think about you like that, as we grow up there are so many level of changes that happen to us. From being a kid to teen to puberty to being a matured person all the phases have a lot of impact on our behavior.

Anyway lets start with the “5 Steps To Kill Arrogance Of Your Kid” :-

1. Find the root – Analyse when did you first noticed your son/daughter’s arrogance.

This analysis is way too important to kill the arrogance, its like cutting off a tree starting from its roots. You may notice that this must have happened during a period where the kid was not allowed to do something which he/she wanted to do desperately. Soon later the kid started giving off arrogant answers to your question thinking of it as an revenge to what he/she couldn’t do previously.
There are many things that would have happened since beginning. If you are not able to guess where it all started don’t worry next steps might help .
The reason you need to know this is that your kid is not a bad person, its just an event which has resulted into the arrogance.

2. Are you really right? – Think about it, who’s fault is it?

You may think of  5 Steps To Kill Arrogance Of Your Kid as a part where you just point a gun at something and kill it off. But its not like that sometimes you may have to point that gun at yourself and see whether its your or kid’s arrogance.

What are you guys fighting mostly on? Is it that you are not able to give time to your kid. Or is it that the kid is doing drugs. The two cases may seem easy to determine who’s right or wrong, but there are many fights where its hard to determine who’s right without giving up your Ego.

At this point if you find out that you are wrong, then its pretty straight forward that you must back off a bit. Its OK to have your kids correct you at times, its not arrogance. It means they have become matured and are willing to take care of you. You should try and admit your mistakes hence forth.

3. Less talk, Low voice – Two things that never happen in fights.

By the time you are here you know two things for sure –
a). Your kid is a good person, but just going through a phase.
b). You know you are right.

The moment you find out that you are perfectly right. Things are a lot easier now.

If your kid starts talking arrogantly to every sentence that comes out off your mouth, stop talking. Stop yelling and confronting. Stop doing all the caring stuff like giving bed tea, serving food, having good conversations.
Space out and let him/her know that you are hurt. It may be hard to do so because as a parent its very hard to not take care of your kid and space out. Especially if you are a mom.
But carry out this experiment and stay firm with the little “no-cooperation movement”.

In less than a week, you may notice that the kid starts feeling that you are hurt. If a week has passed the kid must be vulnerable to listen to your side of the story.
Bring out the conversation, invite him/her to a talk and calmly say that you don’t like to space out but you had no choice. Explain the matter of arrogance specifically without trying to bring up any past mistakes of the kid.
Let the kid know how he/she was before she started being arrogant. And the good times of the kid’s childhood.

4. Bring out the Good old memories – Let them know how much you love them.

Expressing love is much more easier when you have good old funny memories of them. Let them know each and every story of their toddler years the most commonly found “Diaper disasters”.
This part is where you will see a smile on your kid’s face, may be even a hug.
Which brings us to the last step.

5. A tight hug – Yes a simple hug would change everything forever.

You both must be totally vulnerable to a hug at this point of time. So go for it let the feelings get stronger. Again remind the kid how nice they are as a person and should always try to be nicer.

Hope you loved our  “5 Steps To Kill Arrogance Of Your Kid”. Please let us know your views about this in comments below.  Do share the article, lets help everyone stay happy!! Cheers

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